Friday, May 30, 2008

Daylab Repair II

Part two: How it works...

This white box holds both the flash and the test lamp. This translucent white piece is a diffuser.

Lifting it out, you can see the two lights. The flash is this small xenon flash tube on the left.

The three colored blades are attached to the sliders on the front of the head. Adjusting the sliders moves the colored blades in and out of the white box.

Looking at the white box from the other side, you can see how the test lamp is on one side of the blades and the flash is on the other. When the test lamp is on, it is unaffected by the color blades. When the flash fires, however, the light from the flash has to pass through the blades before hitting the diffuser. Therefore, the amount of color adjustment made with the sliders affects how much of that particular color blade stands in front of the flash. This is why the image darkens when the color is significantly increased.