Sunday, December 16, 2012

Iceland - South Coast

This year, we went to Iceland in late October / early November. It's actually a great time to visit. The crowds are smaller, and the weather, while cold, is appropriate for the dramatic landscape. There are some beautiful things to be seen along Iceland's South coast. 

We arrived in Reykjavík early, and made the drive to the Eastern side of the island in the same day. Our first destination was Jökulsárlón. It's a glacial lagoon that is unlike anything else in the world. It's a lake full of large ice chunks from Vatnajökull. The nearby black sands beaches are beautiful and are covered in small blocks of ice. 

The next location was directly outside of VikDyrhólaey is a black sand beach and features enormous rock outcroppings.

The south coast has many waterfalls, including Skógafoss and SeljalandsfossSkógafoss is enormous and dramatic. Seljalandsfoss has a small path that runs behind it that lets you view it from both front and back.

Besides these main tourist destinations, the South Coast itself is beautiful. Flat and sparse in some areas, as well as mountainous and rugged in others, the Ring Road is a sightseeing tour worth taking.

Soon, I'll include features on the Golden Circle and the North country.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Manzanita Bones - The Rupture : Album Review

Manzanita Bones writes in blurred lines. They are a duo whose sound is by turns ethereally soaring and earthily grounded. They are able to navigate, often within a single song, from moments of clean folk harmony to disorienting noise-rock. It's a sound that is not bound by stylistic rules, and yet maintains a consistency in it's transgression of those rules.

Their new album, The Rupture, is like Bonnie "Prince" Billy meets the Misfits. It's the sort of scratching disintegration that is reminiscent of early Dinosaur Jr. hidden in folk clothing. Although lyrically introspective, they carry a wider philosophical sensibility, and enjoy changing perspectives. They are instrumentally adventurous, commonly on the edge of crashing, but in a controlled way. 

The songs are widely varied, and bear some wide-ranging comparisons. With Western country and folk elements, "Shooting For A Kill" would make great theme music for a Coen brothers film. The spoken-word / pseudo-instrumental "The Rupture" reads like a McCarthy novel. "Caroline" has verses with an open spaciousness one would find in the best of The Black Heart Procession. 

The instrumental interludes in these songs are integral and not asides or filler material. The final minute of "Just a Little Sigh" is perhaps the highlight of the song, heightening the theme to a fury. Their folk acoustic themed "Trying to Stand Up" fluctuates between tongue-in-cheek absurdity and full sincerity. "What You Said" is a scratch-filled blues romp, as trashed and rough as any moment in '80's punk.

All in all, The Ruputure is a raucous adventure; etching a sonic landscape with blind curves and trap doors. And, yes, you have to hear it to have any clue what that means.

You can hear more Manzanita Bones at:

These photos were made available from Nashville Music Photographer That Very Next Thing has Nashville Music Photography services currently available.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photoshoot for NYMM - Trista Mabry

Had a really great photoshoot with Nashville musician, Trista Mabry, for New York Minute Magazine. It was a blast and she's an incredible musician.  There were a lot more good photos than we could fit in the article, so here there are.  And, definitely check out the interview here.

You can find more about Trista Mabry at:
Twitter: @trista_brooke
"Uprise" is currently available on iTunes
The full photo shoot is available at:
The interview is at: New York Minute Magazine

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That Very Next Thing and New York Minute Magazine

Dear faithful followers:  You may be wondering where I've been lately... It's true, I've been cheating on you.  I've been writing articles for the good folks over at New York Minute Magazine.  Every Monday for the past several weeks, I've posted an interview with a local artist.  So far, I've been fortunate enough to spend that time with some really interesting people.

You can go to New York Minute Magazine now and find interviews with artists like Anthony Snape, Paul Sikes, Michael Castro, Don Gallardo, and Allen Thompson.  And there are more in the works.  Really, though, it wouldn't be a decent photo-blog if I didn't provide exclusive pictures along with the articles.  

Check out some of the photos here, and go to New York Minute Magazine to see the interviews.

Anthony Snape

Paul Sikes

Michael Castro

Allen Thompson

Photographs of these artists and more are also available at That Very Next Thing

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to be a Photographer (Like Everyone Else)...

I recently wrote an Article for New York Minute Magazine entitled "How to be a Photographer (Like Everyone Else)".  It shares references to Ansel Adams, Anne Geddes and Henri Cartier-Bresson and is full of helpful tips such as "Buy a Camera" and "Shoot Weddings".  I believe I actually called wedding photographers lazy.  Anyway, you can see the article here and thanks again to the folks at New York Minute Magazine for supporting the arts.

Pure Brilliany.  Please address all hate mail to Anne Geddes.

Here's a sample:
"Step 4)      Find your subject matter.  Flowers and birds always make good pictures.  Babies are fun as long as they’re asleep.  Bands always need photos and those are easy if you have some abandoned buildings nearby.  Be sure to get a photo of yourself in the mirror for your business cards." 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kip Moore - "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck"

One of the best things about being a music photographer in Nashville is getting to be constantly surrounded by the best in new music. The first time we saw Nashville singer-songwriter Kip Moore perform was one of those experiences. We expect some big things from these guys. These photos were taken during the video filming of Kip Moore's hit single "Mary was the Marrying Kind", which you can check out here.

Recently, Kip's fan base has been growing by leaps and bounds as his new single "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" has been climbing the charts. Check it out on Vivo here. Both songs are available on iTunes and you can see more at You can see the rest of the photos from this performance at Keep your eyes open for more from these guys and request "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" from your radio station.

Lots more photos of Kip Moore performing "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" and "Mary Was the Marrying Kind" by Nashville music and concert photographer Jon Karr at