Friday, June 23, 2017

Mobb Deep in Nashville

Rap icon Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away recently. I had the opportunity to photograph them for Red Bull when they came through Nashville at Exit/In. It was a memorable show (not just because I broke a lens). They got to the venue right before their set, no soundcheck, and left right after. Just a brief passing backstage. Also, there was the guy at the front of the stage flipping everyone off the whole time. RIP, Prodigy.

Mobb Deep by Nashville Music Photographer Jon Karr
Mobb Deep

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Snow-themed photoshoot

Since it's nearly 100 degrees here, I thought I would share a shoot we did a while back when it was much, much colder. Jessica really stepped up, given the freezing conditions. We worked for several hours outside and in a non-temperature controlled environment. Thanks again to the team:

Suzi Daggs - Assistant (
Amanda Dang - H/MUA (
Jessica Bounedara - Model (
The rest, me (like Neil Breen) - (

Nashville Fashion Photographer Jon Karr

Here's a BTS shot to give you an idea. For these, we were outside using two AB 800's. The key with a beauty dish and the rim with the 7" reflector and a grid (I don't remember what size). Did I mention it was snowing?

Nashville Music Photographer Jon Karr

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