Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to be a Photographer (Like Everyone Else)...

I recently wrote an Article for New York Minute Magazine entitled "How to be a Photographer (Like Everyone Else)".  It shares references to Ansel Adams, Anne Geddes and Henri Cartier-Bresson and is full of helpful tips such as "Buy a Camera" and "Shoot Weddings".  I believe I actually called wedding photographers lazy.  Anyway, you can see the article here and thanks again to the folks at New York Minute Magazine for supporting the arts.

Pure Brilliany.  Please address all hate mail to Anne Geddes.

Here's a sample:
"Step 4)      Find your subject matter.  Flowers and birds always make good pictures.  Babies are fun as long as they’re asleep.  Bands always need photos and those are easy if you have some abandoned buildings nearby.  Be sure to get a photo of yourself in the mirror for your business cards."