Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super Light - Super Tight... first impressions of the Canon XSi

This is probably my first real run with the new Canon XSi. If you've used the older XTi or even the 40D this is an easy transition. I've yet to find anything that makes the extra $600 for the 40D worthwhile. But it's early so who knows. The first thing you'll notice is the XSi is surprisingly light. This makes it easy to use one handed when you're lugging around your camera bag... or a large strawberry slush from Sonic. Not to mention when you've got an added flash unit. You know... whatever. The smaller body makes some controls more manageable letting you make faster f-stop adjustments without endlessly searching with your thumb. Once I get a little more use with it I'll post more. My first overall impression - it's a nice addition to the Canon family and I just love it.