Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock City - Fairyland Caverns

As part of our Chattanooga honeymoon / flu-a-thon, we decided to brave the cold and visit Rock City. Favorite part? Fairyland Caverns. Ok, that's the only part that's not out in the cold, but you can't find this stuff just anywhere either. For those unfamiliar with this land of fairy magic, Fairyland Caverns is a series of caves filled with blacklights and painted statues depicting childhood stories. Sounds nice? Judge for yourself.

As photography goes, this was tricky. To get anything at all, I had to go ISO 1600 and use my 50mm prime at f-1.4. That gave me the minimal depth of field I was looking for, and enough light to capture the scene. It was challenging to nail the focus on the intended subject while framing it the way I wanted. For example, I wanted to focus on the Farmer's Wife, with the Three Blind Mice out of focus in the foreground. Luckily, it is a very magical place, which I think helped a lot.

PS: The last image is of the dinner table at the home of Jack Sprat. You're welcome for that one.


Unknown said...

I REALLY enjoy these. Bunches.