Thursday, June 22, 2017

Snow-themed photoshoot

Since it's nearly 100 degrees here, I thought I would share a shoot we did a while back when it was much, much colder. Jessica really stepped up, given the freezing conditions. We worked for several hours outside and in a non-temperature controlled environment. Thanks again to the team:

Suzi Daggs - Assistant (
Amanda Dang - H/MUA (
Jessica Bounedara - Model (
The rest, me (like Neil Breen) - (

Nashville Fashion Photographer Jon Karr

Here's a BTS shot to give you an idea. For these, we were outside using two AB 800's. The key with a beauty dish and the rim with the 7" reflector and a grid (I don't remember what size). Did I mention it was snowing?

Nashville Music Photographer Jon Karr

All of these and more can be seen on That Very Next Thing