Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pano at the Lake. Good times for all.

Back out to Long Hunter State Park.. we decided to try some Pano shots and here is the result. See more...

On Location: These are taken using between four and six portrait-oriented shots. The trick is to find an exposure that is in a median range for the entire scene, set the camera accordingly in Manual mode, and then leave it. When taking the shots, be sure to leave about 1/3rd of each frame overlapped by the next.

Post-Production: They were batch color-corrected in RAW format and then stiched using Adobe's Photomerge. We still did plenty of color adjusting, dodging and burning, as well as contrast enhancement using a method we learned that applies curves to the single channels rather than the image as a whole.

The first two are Rachel's and the last is mine. Thanks for looking.