Saturday, July 5, 2008

You want Independence? Get a remote!

In the spirit of July 4th we decided to experiment with shooting some fireworks... in the photo sense of course. After hunting down a moderate view away from boisterous crowds we set up our tripods and got to work. Follow the link to see more images and how to get them. Without much of a zoom on my Canon Xsi's stock 18-55 I ended up with some nice shots but a little more cropping in post-production. It did force into most frames the ever iconic AT&T tower which I decided to keep in most shots. I lacked a remote so I decided to take advantage of some longer shutter speeds keeping mostly between 0"5 and 2"5. The quicker speeds I used for faster barrages and slower speeds for larger less frequent explosions. The Nashville display is synced to the symphony so we had the benefit of musical queues for prepping speeds and the like. I kept my F-stop at F8 for most of the evening. Although towards the end I found F9-10 with quicker shutter speeds minimized shake and maximized the skyline. All in all a fair shooting but high hopes for next year having a better vantage point up wind from the smoke and remotes!